The Mustard Seed


Carlynn Barefoot


Mustard Seed General started long before it was a company. Perhaps going back to childhood watching my mother carefully wrap each and every gift she ever gave with precision and attention to detail. To her, the presentation was as thoughtful and important as the gift. They complimented each other. It showed the recipient that she cared enough to take time and love to create something that was special and just for them. I can't tell you how many times that I have heard someone say to her "It is too pretty to open!". 

I remember how amazing it felt to get a gift wrapped by my mother. You could see and feel the love that she shared by slowing down and taking the time to crisply fold every corner and tie every bow. It was eye candy and always perfection! 

I suppose this is where my love of "giving beautifully" began so when life called for a career change in 2017, I asked myself what I would do if I could do anything and that was the moment Mustard Seed General was born. 

With the love and support of an amazing husband, family and a tribe of friends worth more than gold, I have trusted the path that I feel The Lord has lead me to. 

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